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15 Quick Men's Fashion Tips

November 25, 2015

Women everywhere believe that when it comes to fashion, men have it easy. However, when sitting down and thinking about your style, many men aren’t sure where to start! Style may not be a man’s first concentration, but men everywhere are always trying to look their best in order to impress. Here are some quick and easy fashion tips that can improve your style tremendously!

  1. Fit is king. Make sure that your clothes fit right. You clothes should be hugging the shape of your body without being too tight. We all know that a bad fit is an epidemic, so be comfortable by making sure that your clothes fit exactly how you want them to.
  2. Keep your wardrobe simple. Don’t overdo your wardrobe. The top mistake that many men make is wearing too much. Don’t over do it! Instead of wearing gobs of jewelry, choose to wear your simple unique men’s ring from Proclamation Jewelry, and some simple clothing. Nice jeans and a dress shirt compliment a man’s physique quite well. All you have to do is seal the deal with your unique men’s ring.
  3. Change your casual look. It’s easy to get stuck in a boring casual dress code. Instead, have fun with collared shirts and take some inspiration from gentlemen you wish you dressed like. All you have to do is change the way you see casual.
  4. Pay attention to all of the supporting pieces you wear. It’s important that you don’t overdo your outfit with big and chunky sweaters. A rule of thumb to follow is to have a top and bottom that match! Don’t be too rugged and don’t mix and match materials that don’t go well together.
  5. Don’t go shopping alone! It can be hard to find another male to go shopping with, but find a friend that you can trust to give you feedback on your style. If you’re still searching for a unique men’s ring as an accessory, all you have to do is visit ProclamationJewelry.com!
  6. Stay ahead of the game. It’s good to take some risks, but don’t over do yourself to a fault. Some days it's good to be a bit overdressed rather than underdressed. To do this, just think about the setting you’ll be in and the people you’ll be with.
  7. Don’t ever underestimate the power of details and accessories. Many men aren’t into details, but details such as a hat, a scarf, a unique men’s ring or a pocket square can really tie your outfit together!
  8. Disregard trends. Just because something is “in” right now, doesn’t mean you need to purchase it. You should stick to what you truly like! Many people get rushed into buying something that’s part of the latest trend and only end up with a bunch of clothes that they don’t end up wearing. Avoid this and stick to your style only.
  9. Stay away from fashion tees with logos. We all know the guy that wears these types of tees. Instead of being a walking billboard, lose the Pepsi shirt and go for a much more stylish v-neck tee.
  10. If you’re trying to impress women, take a look at your shoes. Shoes should be clean and sharp, and women will notice your shoes that smell and look bad. Invest in a superb pair of shoes that you can be proud of. It’s important that you take care of them and keep them in pristine condition. This will only show others that you have great taste when it comes to fashion.
  11. Don’t always be a sucker for brand name clothing. Although brand name clothing is nice, you may not be into the style or quality. You should ask yourself if you’re really buying the clothes for the style or for the name. By asking yourself “would I buy this if there was no logo on it?” you should be able to figure out if the brand name clothing is for you or not.
  12. Continue to change and shape your image. It’s important that you spend time and money on your image, after all, it is your first impression. Your image will portray your education, career and even relationships, so make sure it’s a good one!
  13. Ask for feedback. It’s important to know that people think you look sharp. By asking your clothes family and friends, or even the sales person at the store you’re shopping at what they think, you’ll be able to feel confident in knowing that you’re buying a new wardrobe you can be proud of, even if it's something different than you’re used to wearing.
  14. Groom your growing beard. Beards are in-style these days, which only means that if you’re someone with a beard, you need to be keeping up with it. An unkempt beard is nothing more than an attraction killer, so make sure you’re achieving a perfect shave and keeping it in a condition you can be proud of.
  15. Experiment with your style! Your style is forever changing and the only way to learn about your style is to experiment with it! Don’t be afraid to try a different type of shirt, jeans or shoes when you dress to impress. Get out of your comfort zone and wear something that you normally wouldn’t.

We’re all about style here at Proclamation Jewelry, and we want you to feel more than savvy when you walk down the street. Be sure you’re following our fashion tips and shop for a unique men’s ring to accessorize with! Start shopping with us online today or place a custom men’s ring order by contacting us.

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