Bespoke Jewelry Design Services For the Best and Most Unique Mens Rings

July 17, 2013

Proclamation Jewelry is home to several core collections of men's designer jewelry and unique men's rings, all of which showcase standout, bold designs for gentlemen with distinguished taste, who want to do a little bit more than the rest, and make a confident statement to the world. This includes the Alpha Collection, Brilliant Collection, Mischievous Collection and Virtuous Collection, each of which is unmatched in its distinguished quality.

However, our core has always been bespoke jewelry design for men, allowing you to showcase a perfect, custom made jewelry piece which can meet and exceed even the loftiest of standards. Bespoke jewelry is for men who want something truly extraordinary and exclusive, a personal statement piece which instantly tells the world who you are and what you're about.

There's no limit to the bespoke jewelry you'd like created. From unmatched intricacy and engraved designs, to precious stones of your choosing, and any style of adornment, theme or metalwork and more.

And any occasion is a good one for the type of distinguished and unique men's rings, cufflinks and other bespoke jewelry that we can produce for you. This includes wedding bands, anniversary gifts or other celebrations, or simply a personal investment into something which is far finer and more spectacular than what everyone else is wearing from the stores in the mall.

Of course, all of our unique men's cufflinks and other men's designer jewelry can already be customized to match your own preferences and exacting style standards. For example, almost every piece allows you to choose between white and black diamonds, and will also enable you to add in a personalized engraving, whether it's your private motto, or it's to make that gift all the more special and meaningful.

Still, when you want to go above and beyond, and get something designed and built from scratch entirely based on how you have always envisioned it in your head, then our bespoke jewelry design services are the way for you to go. There's no better place for high quality, bold bespoke jewelry for men than Proclamation Jewelry.

Call our design team directly at 800.520.8201, or email us at to get started with your very own bespoke jewelry.