• Limited to 500 pieces.
  • Mens Silver Skull Ring with gemstone eyes and flames.
  • Handcrafted in solid Continuum, tarnish-free silver.
  • All of our pieces are solid silver or solid gold. We do not plate anything.
  • 2 brilliant cut, faceted oval shape stones totaling 1.50 carats set in the eyes.
  • Choose from Black Onyx, Black Diamonds, and Red Garnet for the eyes. 
  • 30mm length, front-to-back.
  • Approximate Silver weight is 31 grams
  • Designed and handcrafted in the United States. 
  • *Additional sizes and gemstones available upon request. 
  • Nick's Notes: Are we inherently good or evil? I believe both darkness and light reside within all of us. It is what we choose to act upon that determines the path we walk. And, although most of us try to walk the path of enlightenment, sometimes it takes more drastic actions to get the results that we want. And sometimes it just feels good to be bad... When "killing them with kindness" doesn't work... burn that mother fucker down.

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