About Us

Proclamation Jewelry was founded in Houston, Texas and is the premier Bespoke jeweler designing men’s rings and more. We don’t see jewelry as just an accessory, but believe that men’s rings give them empowerment to reach great heights and inspire all those that see see the piece and hear the story behind it. 

Wearable sculptures are the highlight of our BeSpoke jewelry. With features in Jet Set Magazine, Modern Luxury Houston, RealMenrealStyle.com, GQ, Square Mile and duPont Registry, our premier unique men’s rings are more than just a piece of jewelry - they’re art. Proclamation Jewelry is also the proud creator of the official Lamborghini Festival Ring and sponsor of both the Miami 500 and Sunset 500.

Clearly, jewelry is more than just precious metal. It is a statement that shouldn’t go unnoticed. The custom men’s rings available at Proclamation Jewelry allow you to make a statement, tell a story and show your personality in one of the best ways. You can even start a conversation to discuss a Bespoke jewelry design. But what can you order from our designers? Order any style of BeSpoke jewelry pieces that you love to wear. We have the capabilities and experience you can trust to build you a completely custom ring, necklace, bracelet, set of cufflinks and more! Start shopping for your customized jewelry and men’s rings at Proclamation Jewelry today, and contact us to place a custom order.