• Limited to 100 pieces.
  • Men's 2 Carat Diamond and Skull Ring.
  • Masterfully handcrafted in solid 18 karat Gold.
  • WARNING: May cause temporary blindness when direct eye contact is made!
  • 2.0 carats of VVS+ Clarity and Colorless, Brilliant, Precision-Cut Diamonds are pave' set in the skulls' eyes and in 3 rows around the band. 
  • 8mm wide and just thick enough to be both heavy and comfortable.
  • This skull and diamond band can be worn as a daily ring or as a wedding band for men.
  • *Diamond carat weight will be the same regardless of ring size.
  • *Also available with black diamonds, canary diamonds, blue diamonds, pink diamonds, red rubies, blue sapphires, and green emeralds upon request.
  • Nick's Notes: The beautiful alliance of pure diamonds and rugged skulls creates a stark contrast that is quite irreverent, yet astonishingly harmonious to observe. Both diamonds and skulls represent the vastness of eternity. As the skulls unapologetically remind us that time is limited, diamonds emphasize that, although we will die, existence itself is eternal. The key then is to live life in the delicate balance of knowing that tomorrow may not come, yet with the peace that it is not truly the end.

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