King's Crest

  • Lion ring with sword and shield.
  • Choose from Continuum Silver or 18 karat gold.
  • 1 carat of diamonds encrust the shield beneath the lions.
  • Your choice of gemstones in the Lions' eyes.
  • Design features mirrored lions and sword on a shield, with a castle on the front, and initial and fleur-de-lis on the sides.
  • Unique lion ring, designed and handcrafted in the United States.
  • 25mm length from top to bottom of shield.
  • *Silver and white gold rings come standard with black diamonds in the lions' eyes. 
  • **If you select white and yellow gold or all yellow gold, lions come standard with blood red rubies in the eyes.
  • ***Additional sizes and gemstones available upon request.

Nick's Notes: The King must rule with absolute authority, lest the usurpers take his throne. Both a valiant warrior, embodied by the sword, and father of his realm, symbolized by the castle, the lion masters his kingdom with the opposing balance of strength and prudence.

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