POWER OF SUCCESS - Silver & Stone

  • Men's silver Power of Success ring.
  • .925 Sterling silver. 
  • 1 blue sapphire set in the compass.
  • Red Jasper and Blue Lapis set behind the shield.
  • Unique men's ring, designed and handcrafted in the United States.
  • 28mm length from top of crown to bottom of shield.

Nick's Notes: In life, coronations do not occur at the base of the mountain, sitting comfortably in the grass, observing the peak from a distance. Although we will never reach the top, we must all climb to claim our crown. Regardless of the winds that blow, the rains that pour, the path that fades, and the obstacles in our way, we keep climbing. With the courage of a Lion, we will find the strength to move forward and lead others up the path. With the boldness of a Griffin, we daringly take the riskier road, seeking the treasures awaiting. Knowledge is our Key to unlocking wisdom that tears down obstacles hindering our way. Tread with patience and you may hear the Harp's poetic song singing a melody that brings peace and joy to the journey. Regardless of the path we choose, each of us must venture on through this perennial right of passage. Let it be together, as one, and our faith and perseverance will be rewarded as the air becomes crisp and light, and the sights reveal a beautiful world that is so big, yet so small.