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Usurper - Gold

Usurper - Gold



Our unique gold skull ring shows the crowned head of the prior king, displayed for all to see in the hands of the Usurper. This solid gold mens ring is handcrafted by our artisan jewelers in 14 karat gold. The yellow gold crown features 0.50 carats of white diamonds and 0.50 carats of blood red rubies. Additionally, 0.35 carats of black diamonds are masterfully pave' set in the eyes of the white gold skull.

The ring measure 26mm from the top to the bottom of the skull.


    No-one is going to give it to you. No-one cares how hard it is or what your problems are. You don't deserve it until you've earned it... No excuses. No complaining. Just keep fighting until you take the crown, or they mount your head on a spike... But settling is not an option.

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