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VITA - White Gold

VITA - White Gold


This Unique White Gold Skull pendant named Vita, meaning "Life", is a powerful motif of strength, and is also a constant reminder that life is short. The Ankh, presented on the back of the pendant with a diamond in the center, means "key of life" and is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol representing eternal life. The Men's White Gold Skull Amulet is designed, sculpted and handcrafted in the USA, and is available in both 14k and 18k gold.


14 karat gold weight is 16 grams and 18 karat gold weight is 19 grams. Two 2.5mm VVS Colorless diamonds totaling 0.13 carats are set in the eyes. The skull itself measures 25mm (1 inch) in length and 18mm (0.75 inches) in width. The overall length, including the bail, is 38mm (1.5 inches).

*Shown on 4mm Diamond Cut Franco Chain (Sold Separately)


Most Proclamation pieces are handcrafted to order, which requires 2-3 weeks of production time. Our master artisans will expertly take your piece through our 16-step crafting process with meticulous care, creating a one-of-a-kind piece specifically for you. Includes a luxury gift box with protective pouch, polishing cloth, and more.

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