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If you're anything like us, there are some things you may like and a lot of things you may not like about the traditional jewelry store experience. Personally, our list of of dislikes is much longer. So we've set out to change the entire jewelry buying experience.

Gone are the days of walking into a vast sea of generic jewelry, waiting to be stalked by a drooling salesperson while you awkwardly squeeze by and glance around other bystanders, hoping the whole time that you're not spotted by someone you know. 

Perhaps it’s not always as dramatic as that, but you won't get any of the drama at our showroom. The fashionable Proclamation headquarters lies on the northwestern edge of Houston, nestled privately within a high-end, gated commercial condominium community. We take privacy to a new level, as you'll notice when you enter the surveillanced grounds through a quiet driveway and notice that our neighbors are not other retailers, but exotic and classic car collectors. One of our team members will grant you access through the gate and escort you to our discreet showroom.

You'll be the only client at the showroom during your visit so that you can relax in our chic, lounge-style studio with a freshly-brewed coffee or favorite beverage, while we show you a variety of pieces from our showcase. While you’re there, you’ll likely meet with our founder and designer, Nick Miller, who will review your design preference and collaborate with you to choose or create the perfect piece.

You won’t want to leave our oasis, but when you do, we’ll escort you back through the gate and get started on crafting your one-of-a-kind design. You can choose to come back to pick it up upon completion, or we’re happy to mail it to you for free.

We hope that If you choose to visit us, you will feel comfortable and will enjoy the unique Proclamation process of designing an exceptional piece of jewelry. We look forward to meeting you soon.